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Advisors & partners for your journey of growth.

Maybe you’re a start-up navigating the maze of complications to get your business up and running, a scale-up looking to raise funds, a mature business needing cost-effective, expert legal and commercial advice or even a founder looking to exit. Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we’re the London law firm with all the legal experience you need.

From securing investment, protecting and monetising your ideas to support to keep everything running smoothly, our UK lawyers are passionate about guiding and advising you through every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

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What We Do

Ensuring clear and meaningful terms of trade with customers and suppliers.

Keeping on top of your company compliance obligations.

Funding, acquisition, investment or exit. Get the details right.

Straight-forward approaches to radically reduce risk and maximise data.

Disputes are a reality. Get proactive solutions and reactive advice.

Legal foundations to retain, incentivise and manage key talent.

Loans, equity, restructuring and financing; clear support to help you manage your money.

Balance innovation with the commercial necessity of proper protection.

Make property matters run smoothly and create flexible property plans that accommodate your growth.

Incentivise your staff and navigate tax opportunities.
Seamless integration with your team to manage your legal matters.

Decide who inherits and what they inherit.

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Client Stories

Meet Gavin Malone, Founder of Future Green Steps, a fully managed network of EV charging solutions to help businesses create the sustainable infrastructure for the future.
Meet Thea Brook, founder of The Brook. The Brook began life as a plant-based restaurant. Now, they make a range of innovative, premium dishes that sell nationwide both online and in retail.
Meet Susanna Rock, Co-Founder & CIO of GRAVITY. Gravity is a co-living and residential operator focused on community and flexibility. They strive to make the moving and renting experience as smooth and engaging as possible, removing the pain points that often come with renting.
Meet Steve Wilkinson, Co-Founder of Skinny Drinks Group. Skinny Drinks Group are on a plant-based mission to pioneer a healthier way of drinking for the consumer and the environment without compromise on taste. Their award-winning hero brand Skinny Tonic is the world’s first mixer range to be zero sugar, zero calories and 100% natural. www.skinnytonics.com
Jonathan was one of the first advocates for clean burning wax products, pioneering against the giants that use petroleum waxes and challenging the definition of luxury. Jonathan Ward focuses on products from the inside out. Certified soil association approved organic triple blend propriety wax; Italian glass; British Packaging. Innovative and complex aroma with no compromise in richness.
Meet Veeloop's co-founder Randa Bennett. Veeloop provides a simple, safe and convenient way for teens to shop online, whilst also teaching them to become financially confident, responsible consumers. Covid19 led to the setting up of the vhelp App which enables sheltering individuals to reimburse volunteers for shopping.
Suvera is transforming the healthcare industry by enabling general practices to virtually follow up patients with long-term conditions and their treatments in a convenient, fast and effective way.
Seekology is a new concept store and platform showcasing remarkable beauty + well-being brands. All the brands featured at Seekology are independent, British brands, many of which have never been sold in a physical retail store before.
Meet Iain Russell, Founder of Russell IP. Iain is a patent attorney and an inventor who founded Russell IP after having been a Partner at an international IP law firm. Russell IP provides high-quality, cost-effective patent attorney services for patent-savvy businesses and specialises in high tech (especially telecoms) and music technology patent work.
Meet Toast Ale and its founder Louisa Ziane. Toast uses surplus bread in the catering industry to replace barley in the brewing industry. Louisa manages the company’s commitment to people, planet and profit and ensures the brand represents Toast’s purpose

People and projects we’ve worked with​

People and projects we’ve worked with​

meet the Team

Our team are among the best in the legal marketplace: flexible thinkers, tech-assisted problem solvers and a core of commercial partners whose passion and focus add immense value.

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How to prepare for a funding round

During the recent session from our ‘General Counsel Know How’ series, CFO Zac Brech led an interesting discussion on how to make a strong financial case for investment in the build-up to a funding round.

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The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill (the “Bill”) has made its way through most of the legislative stages. It has now been approved with amendments by the House of Lords, with those amendments currently being considered by the House of Commons. If approved following this review, it will be put forward to receive Royal Assent (i.e. formal approval), which is likely to happen towards the end of this year.

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