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Affordable, ongoing legal advice from lawyers who understand your business

We love working closely with businesses to provide pragmatic, user-friendly advice and support

We work seamlessly with your team to provide day-to-day and strategic support that can flex to match your needs. Many of us are business owners or investors as well, or have worked inhouse as senior lawyers, and so we understand your pain points and the importance of working with lawyers who you can trust and who will ensure there are no bill shocks.
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We think our virtual General Counsel service provides unrivalled value, please contact us to discuss how we might support your business.

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Why Ignition Law

Our clients range from software start-ups, medical technology firms and university spinouts, to social enterprises, investment funds and established companies across a number of sectors, many of which seek sophisticated advice to help them scale. For the better part of a decade, these clients have put their trust in us to provide advice that’s not only technically spot on, but commercially relevant and cost effective, and we take pride in our ability to consistently deliver fast, flexible and forward-thinking legal, commercial, and strategic advice.

In addition, as already mentioned, our lawyers have worked at many of the world’s most high profile international law firms and corporations, meaning you’ll have access to senior, market-leading experts who are used to providing nothing less than the highest levels of client service.


News, Insights & Resources


Hotly Contested Lease Terms

During the recent session from our ‘General Counsel Know How’ series, commercial property partner Helen Lucas and consultant Michael Whitaker led an interesting discussion on hotly contested lease terms that should be properly considered even before the landlords and tenants sign heads of terms.

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Landlord and Tenant Act

Renewal of Business Tenancies – Under Review

The Law Commission of England and Wales has recently announced its plans to review the workings of the right to renew business tenancies, as outlined in Part 2 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. This legislation provides a framework that entitles qualifying tenants protection when it comes to renewing their business tenancies known as “security of tenure”, however, it was created following the Second World War, since which time the property landscape and the commercial needs of landlords and tenants have notably evolved.

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    Ensuring clear and meaningful terms of trade with customers and suppliers.

    Keeping on top of your company compliance obligations.

    Funding, acquisition, investment or exit. Get the details right.

    Straight-forward approaches to radically reduce risk and maximise data.

    Disputes are a reality. Get proactive solutions and reactive advice.

    Legal foundations to retain, incentivise and manage key talent.

    Loans, equity, restructuring and financing; clear support to help you manage your money.

    Balance innovation with the commercial necessity of proper protection.

    Make property matters run smoothly and create flexible property plans that accommodate your growth.

    Incentivise your staff and navigate tax opportunities.
    Seamless integration with your team to manage your legal matters.

    Decide who inherits and what they inherit.