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The Legally Scaling Podcast 

Welcome to Legally Scaling – the law podcast for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts seeking insights into the common legal challenges faced by scaling businesses.

This legal podcast is brought to you by Ignition Law, a leading law firm for start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs.
We feature guests with a broad range of commercial legal experience, developed whilst working at some of the world’s leading law firms and most exciting companies.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 1Funding rounds Alex McPherson
Episode 2Key legal considerations when starting a businessHelen Gerrard
Episode 3Intellectual Property: protecting, exploiting and enforcing copyright Hannah Jones
Episode 4Key employment contract terms Nicky Cranfield
Episode 5Common disputes faced by start-ups and scale-ups Tammy Evans
Episode 6Key employment law obligations when hiring staffPolly Jeanneret
Episode 7The impact of culture when scaling an organisationAlex McPherson featuring St Luke's

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