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General Counsel Know How

We have worked hard on developing our internal General Counsel Know How programme at Ignition Law, and these sessions are given by our lawyers to our lawyers.

We think however that certain topics may have a wider appeal and offer value to either in-house Counsel or seasoned entrepreneurs and these topics form the backbone of our GC Know-How programme.

We invite contributions from all and, as participants have a legal background or developed working knowledge, the sessions offer the opportunity for a frank discussion regarding certain legal topics in practice.

Often other advisors and professionals we work closely with partner with us to provide this training which also adds to a varied and interesting calendar.

As the programme progresses we will include material and excerpts from the sessions and the contact details for the individual lawyers.

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upcoming GC Know How sessions

31st January 2023Piercing the Corporate VeilSimon Engelsman
21st February 2023Hotly Contested Lease Terms Helen Lucas
21st March 2023What type of engagement is best? (Independent contract/ Worker/ Employee status)Polly Jeanneret
28th March 2023 Tax Policy - The Budget & Business RamificationsAndy Waddell of Winslows
25th April 2023 Exits - The key to a successful exitAlex McPherson / Helen Gerrard
23rd May 2023Practical management of performance issues Nicky Cranfield
6th June 2023Advertising and marketing lawEmma Carter
27th June 2023An Introduction to Secured LendingFiona Morris / Helen Gerrard
18th July 2023Bridging the Gap Between Small and Medium Sized SME Alex McPherson
26th September 2023Financial issues on a fundraiseZach Brech
31st October 2023Proving advertising effectiveness in a cookieless world - the implications of privacy restrictions on targeting and measurement of digital advertisingJames Schad of We Grow Startups
21st November 2023Pitfalls on becoming a B-CorpGeorgia Haller
5th December 2023What Every Business Needs To Know About Trade MarksHannah Jones of Ignition & Rachael Ward of GJE