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General Counsel Know How

We have worked hard on developing our internal General Counsel Know How programme at Ignition Law, and these sessions are given by our lawyers to our lawyers.

We think however that certain topics may have a wider appeal and offer value to either in-house Counsel or seasoned entrepreneurs and these topics form the backbone of our GC Know-How programme.

We invite contributions from all and, as participants have a legal background or developed working knowledge, the sessions offer the opportunity for a frank discussion regarding certain legal topics in practice.

Often other advisors and professionals we work closely with partner with us to provide this training which also adds to a varied and interesting calendar.

As the programme progresses we will include material and excerpts from the sessions and the contact details for the individual lawyers.

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upcoming GC Know How sessions

13th February 2024Is a share buyback right for your company?Georgia Haller
12th March 2024Expansion USAAllan Rooney of Rooney Law
23rd April 2024Enforceability of Restrictive Covenants Helen Unger
14th May 2024Negotiating Term Sheets for Funding Rounds, How to Keep Your Business InvestibleHelen Gerrard and Michael Copeland
18th June 2024Convertible Debt InstrumentsFiona Morris, Helen Gerrard and Fai Tai
10th September 2024A GDPR Update Serena Tierney
26th September 2024SEIS & EIS Investment John McLean
12th November 2024A guide to share options and growth shares John McLean and Helen Gerrard
3rd December 2024Commercial Property – Key Points for Start Ups and Scale UpsHelen Lucas

News, Insights & Resources


Advertising effectiveness in a cookieless world by James Schad

During the recent session from our ‘General Counsel Know How’ series, James Schad, co-founder of startup-focused digital marketing agency We Grow Startups, led an interesting discussion on the potential implications of Google’s decision to disable all third party cookies on Chrome in 2024.

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How to prepare for a funding round

During the recent session from our ‘General Counsel Know How’ series, CFO Zac Brech led an interesting discussion on how to make a strong financial case for investment in the build-up to a funding round.

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