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We love being plugged into the vibrant start-up community.

Ignition Law was a start-up itself in 2015 and now we’re on our own scale up journey, so we know the road our start-up clients will have to travel and how important it is to have clear, pragmatic, relevant advice. And that’s our aim: to simplify entrepreneur’s lives.

Where start-up clients are concerned, ambition regularly outstrips budget and we excel at providing legal advice that is on brief, on budget and on time. Our advisors are experienced in long-term landscaping and can help structure your journey appropriately with great legal advice from your first step. You don’t need a crystal ball – we see round corners for you.

We offer start-up packages which include:

Start up Stories

Igniting the Spark

Igniting the Spark with Suvera

This month we caught up with Ivan Beckley, CEO of Suvera. Suvera is transforming the healthcare industry by enabling general practices to virtually follow up patients with long-term conditions and their treatments in a convenient, fast and effective way.

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Igniting the Spark

IGNITING THE SPARK with Louisa Ziane

This month we caught up with Louisa Ziane, the COO of Toast Ale. Louisa set up Toast in 2015 to tackle food waste. Toast uses surplus bread in the catering industry to replace barley in the brewing industry. Louisa manages the company’s commitment to people, planet and profit and ensures the brand represents Toast’s purpose.

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Our team are among the best in the legal marketplace: flexible thinkers, tech-assisted problem solvers and a core of commercial partners whose passion and focus add immense value.

Practice Areas

Ensuring clear and meaningful terms of trade with customers and suppliers.

Keeping on top of your company compliance obligations.

Funding, acquisition, investment or exit. Get the details right.

Straight-forward approaches to radically reduce risk and maximise data.

Disputes are a reality. Get proactive solutions and reactive advice.

Legal foundations to retain, incentivise and manage key talent.

Loans, equity, restructuring and financing; clear support to help you manage your money.

Balance innovation with the commercial necessity of proper protection.

Make property matters run smoothly and create flexible property plans that accommodate your growth.

Incentivise your staff and navigate tax opportunities.

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