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Who We Are

We exceed our clients’ demands because we demand more of ourselves.

Our business model is simple. We employ talented entrepreneurially-minded lawyers to deliver the highest quality commercial advice. Many of our team have run successful businesses themselves. We have the personal experience to ensure your success.

We deploy agile working and technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs to ensure our budgets work for start-ups and scale-ups.

We also harness the power of our network. With a rich ecosystem of partners, experts and friends – if we can’t help you, we’ll know someone who can.

Integrity, decency, kindness and humility. These qualities are the bedrock on which we build our objectives as well as our relationships with clients, colleagues and community.

What matters most to us

Loving our work and our clients

Guiding you through the entrepreneurial journey and making the experience as enriching as possible is what fuels our passion.

Supporting growth with long term relationships

We invest ourselves into understanding your business, your sector and what keeps you up at night. We’ll watch your back and we’ll keep you covered as you grow.

Giving back and driving change

From working with social enterprise clients to helping and contributing to society more broadly as a team, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of others - not just our own.

Why Ignition Law

We offer you a greater experience for start-ups and scale-ups because we are:

  • Fast – we work like you do: agile, tech-enabled and efficient
  • Affordable – our model lets us work to a budget that suits your stage of growth
  • Experienced and entrepreneurial  – our lawyers are creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial edge; their blend of enthusiasm and diligence is how we provide your business with innovative solutions.

Passionate people, practical lawyers

Our team are among the best in the legal marketplace: experienced senior lawyers who are flexible thinkers, tech-assisted problem solvers and whose passion and focus add immense value.

Working in small, agile groups of like-minded professionals across the globe, we can adapt our working style to suit your business.

News, Insights & Resources


Dilapidation claims: why tenants should care about dilapidations

When you enter into your commercial lease, you will be signing up to various obligations for repair, maintenance, and decorations during the term. Some of these can be extremely onerous and many tenants will overlook these obligations during the term and only start to think about them once the lease is coming to an end or if they are thinking of leaving at a break point. By this time the liabilities could have grown and leave you having to deal with a large, unexpected amount to pay at the end of your lease.

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