Our areas of expertise

Some of the key industries we support
Our clients and expertise span numerous sectors, meaning we are perfectly placed to help you, whatever industry your business is in.


Our experience:

the technology team

Media & Communications

Our Experience:

the media & communications team

Health & MedTech

Our Experience:

the health & medtech team

Food & beverage

Our experience:

the food & beverage team

E-commerce, retail & fashion

Our Experience:

the E-commerce, retail & fashion team

What We Do

Ensuring clear and meaningful terms of trade with customers and suppliers.

Keeping on top of your company compliance obligations.

Funding, acquisition, investment or exit. Get the details right.

Straight-forward approaches to radically reduce risk and maximise data.

Disputes are a reality. Get proactive solutions and reactive advice.

Legal foundations to retain, incentivise and manage key talent.

Loans, equity, restructuring and financing; clear support to help you manage your money.

Balance innovation with the commercial necessity of proper protection.

Make property matters run smoothly and create flexible property plans that accommodate your growth.

Incentivise your staff and navigate tax opportunities.
Seamless integration with your team to manage your legal matters.

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