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Employment lawyers in London for UK start-ups, scale-ups and the entrepreneurially-spirited

Every leader knows that a company’s greatest asset is its workforce.

But too often, the legal foundation of retaining, incentivising and managing key talent is left to cookie cutter contracts and boilerplate reward schemes.

Employment law for start-ups and scale-ups can be a particular pinch point – especially for those in growth or mid-pivot. UK employment law is complex and frequently changing, so it’s crucial to get the details right and take the best legal advice as early as possible.

Every day we help clients navigate challenges around talent to minimise risks and maximise the effectiveness of incentive schemes. We’ve been through our own fast growth and international expansion, so we understand the terrain. We’re also equipped to advise on immigration and relocation issues.

Creating frameworks for you and your people to flourish

Our employment lawyers in London provide commercially driven solutions across a broad range of issues related to employment law for start-ups and growth companies. These include:

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Why Ignition Law

When it comes to employment law, we can offer a better experience for start-ups and scale-ups because we are:

  • Fast – we work like you do: agile, tech-enabled and efficient
  • Affordable – our model lets us work to a budget that suits your stage of growth
  • Experienced and entrepreneurial  – our lawyers are creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial edge; their blend of enthusiasm and diligence is how we provide your business with innovative solutions.

Throughout every stage of your journey, we’ll offer comprehensive employment law advice. Together, we’ll lay the foundations on which to build your team and grow your business.


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Our team are among the best in the legal marketplace: flexible thinkers, tech-assisted problem solvers and a core of commercial partners whose passion and focus add immense value.

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