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Our community engagement and charity initiatives

As a company, we are always striving to be the best in our field and to contribute to society beyond just through legal services. Our Ethics committee pools resource across the firm and gathers a diverse range of views regarding what charitable, environmental and ethical projects we should be supporting.


DefibFest was launched with the assistance of Ignition Law in 2019  by Iain Russell in memory of his father Malcolm.

Their aim is to raise awareness of and fundraise for public accessible defibrillators (PADs) through the power of music and by hosting music festivals.

Thanks to the generosity and support of the public, DefibFest raised almost £3,000 in 2019 which enabled them to provide two PADs in south west London, these have since helped to save two lives.

DefibFest were nominated for a Community Support Award as part of the London Ambulance Service’s London Lifesaver Awards 2022 in recognition of their efforts.

Ailsa Clelland and Alex McPherson assisted in helping set up DefibFest as a not-for-profit structure, with corporate governance issues and ensuring that the wonderful cause of fundraising for free public use  defibrillators via a voluntary music festival and raffle grows. Ignition volunteer on the board pro bono and are delighted to be involved.

UNHCR Refugee Charity

Maya fled Damascus in 2015, aged 16, to start a new life in the UK. She taught herself English, and has since embarked on a degree in Aviation Engineering and Pilot Studies at the University of London.

Maya was appointed as an ambassador for the UNHRC, the UN Refugee Agency in 2021 after four years of committed support. We were asked by a contact at the UNHCR if we could help support Maya with commercial negotiations with a talent agency who support creators who are a good influence on their audience. 

National HIV Story Trust

This is a charity which tells the story of HIV and Aids. We helped provide IP and other general commercial advice in relation to the publication of a book called “Love, Loss and Life”, a collection of essays, reflections and passionate testimonies about 40 years of HIV/AIDS, including Rupert Everett, Lord Fowler, Jane Anderson and many more. It aims to address the question of “what can we learn from those who have gone before us?”. We worked closely with the trustees on the publishing contract and on their contract with an artist who donated a paper sculpture which features on the book’s cover and which is now up for auction to raise money for the charity. Hannah, and Fai were part of the team advising on this.

Work Experience

At Ignition Law, we are keen to nurture and support the next generation of lawyers and provide them with the experience and insights they need to take the next step in their legal career.

We welcome around four aspiring lawyers each Summer to our office in Farringdon (London) for 3 to 5 days of work experience. Persons not based in London can participate in the work experience programme remotely.

We pay the National Minimum/Living Wage to candidates who successfully complete the work experience programme.

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