Fai Tai

Trainee Solicitor


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What do you do for your clients at Ignition Law?

I provide support for our clients and lawyers primarily in corporate M&A law. This includes company secretarial, legal research, drafting and reviewing legal documents, assisting in signings/closings, carrying out post completion tasks and overseeing the progress of transaction documents.

What gets me out of bed in the morning

Being able to work in a place where we get challenged the right way and are praised for a job well done. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to work towards a tangible goal. Ultimately what gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that I get to work with interesting and determined entrepreneurs, and I get to keep learning and growing as a professional and individual.

An entrepreneur I admire

I really admire social entrepreneurs, innovators who take a business approach towards solving social and environmental problems. An example is Murray Fisher and Peter Malinowski, creators of the charity Billion Oyster Project. They aim to restore New York’s polluted and degraded harbour with the goal of ‘planting’ a billion oysters by 2035.

Oysters because they are natural water filters and catalysts for greater marine biodiversity. In doing so, this charity serves to educate local students on all aspects of their operations. This ranges from sciences, statistics, business and law making. All of this came from the founders, then directors of a school, seeing students grow oysters in the harbour.

A social cause I care about is

To help make it normal for businesses to run as a social enterprise. These are a not yet legally defined group of businesses that have two goals. To achieve a stated mission of providing some social, community and/or environmental outcome and to earn revenue as a traditional business would.

I believe that businesses need to take into account the external influences they have in conducting their business, and their place in the immensely complex ecosystem of modern world.

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Nottingham Trent University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Law


Pro-bono volunteer with Environmental Law Foundation

Other interests

Powerlifting, Foodie, Sci-fi

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