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Our community engagement initiatives

As a company, we are always striving to be the best in our field and to contribute to society beyond just through legal services. Our Ethics committee pools resource across the firm and gathers a diverse range of views regarding what charitable, environmental and ethical projects we should be supporting.


Lauren O’Sullivan is a member of the advisory panel on behalf of Ignition Law to Patient Led Engagement for Access (PLEA) which is a volunteer led non profit community.

PLEA challenges inequalities in access to cannabis-based medicinal products in the UK. Whilst the 2018 Schedule permitted the prescribed use of medical cannabis, patients are still faced with multiple barriers including misinformation, stigma and financial constraints preventing access to potentially life changing medicine. Therefore PLEA, with a focus on harm reduction, works to engage patients, doctors and researchers to remove these barriers to access and accelerate the integration of medical cannabis into mainstream healthcare.

Ignition Law first came across PLEA at an event, attended by Alex McPherson and Lauren Long, at which both were impressed by the transformational stories delivered by the patient speakers about the impact of medicinal cannabis on their health conditions and lives. The founder, Gavin Sathianathan, is an existing client with a Harvard MBA and who is a great community player also involved in an SME championing cannabinoid solutions for long-term chronic suffering. Lauren O’Sullivan was introduced to PLEA by Alex, who was inspired to assist PLEA given Lauren’s shared values with PLEA and interest in health and wellbeing. Additionally, Lauren was also motivated by the pioneering patient led team who have turned their lived experiences into solutions for others.

Mental Health First Aid

Lauren is Ignition’s dedicated mental health first aider.

Ignition is committed to being a supportive workplace and this is something which is truly aligned with our values. One of the many ways in which we support our people and remain mindful of the pressures of life is by offering human support in the form of a mental health first aider.

Lauren, one of our senior consultant lawyers, is also passionate about health and wellbeing, particularly around mental health in the workplace. With Lauren’s background in life coaching and her podcast ‘Legally Different’ which speaks openly about mental health, we were delighted to support Lauren in her mental health first aider training and offer this firmwide.

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