Toby Gowan headshot

Toby Gowan

Head of Business Development

For the past seven years Toby was part of the client team at LOD where he was the head of new business. Toby worked closely with GCs and legal directors at SMEs supporting them with flexible resourcing, legal operations and technology services. The key driver for Toby was all about finding new and innovative ways to give more time back to busy in-house legal teams. 

Fine Print

Education & Training

University of Liverpool

Ancient History & Archaeology (BA Hons) 2:1

Other Interests

I was once told that if tiddlywinks was a sport you would probably follow it. Toby is a keen sports fan, an average cricketer and hopeless cook (but he never gives up). 

A Social Cause I am passionate about

Parkrun. The only reason you wouldn’t catch me at a parkrun on a sat morning is because there is not one nearby! The parkrun movement is amazing and has got people from all walks of life to lace the trainer and run, walk or jog 5k. I contribute to Parkrun forever, the foundation and see this movement as critical to inspiring and keeping people active.