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Polly Jeanneret

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What do you do for your clients at Ignition Law? 

The idea is that they hand me a problem, a brief, and I give them back a solution hopefully quite quickly, affordably and nicely!

What gets me out of bed in the morning

Having a life that has many facets so that I am never quite sure what my day will bring, and that is a fantastic thing. It’s also important to aim to help someone at some point along the way.

An entrepreneur I admire

There’s a lot of glamourising of entrepreneurship despite the fact that the reality is a lot of hard work and perseverance. That is why I have chosen the entrepreneur who said this: “Entrenepeurship is tough. You must love the process, not the stuff that the process buys you.” He’s Andrew Almack who founded Plastics for Change, a platform for communities to make a stable living out of plastic waste.

What would you put on your Ignition Law playlist or bookshelf? 

Malcolm Gladwell (either his books or podcasts). His ‘deep delves’ into social science whilst also cutting out all the boring bits are absolutely brilliant. Interesting fact: Gladwell did an analysis of the famous US law school entrance exams (LSATs) concluding that they rewarded those who could think the fastest but that did not necessarily mean those people would make the best lawyers. Discuss.

A social cause I care about is

For me, society starts right on my front door so I focus on the problems in my immediate community, supporting anything from a local hospice to tree-planting initiatives. Having said that, I am also a huge fan of Camfed, an amazing amazing organisation that educates young women in Africa.

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I cover all areas of employment law, which I have been practising since I qualified at City outfit, Charles Russell LLP in 1998. I trained at the College of Law (now ULaw) receiving a commendation in both of my years there. I have a 2.i degree in Modern History from Wadham College, Oxford.


I also work as a legal and current affairs journalist under the name of Polly Botsford. I have written for The Times, Prospect magazine and more latterly with online platform, Legal Cheek, and the Law Society Gazette.

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