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Lorna Campbell

Company Secretary






What do you do for your clients at Ignition Law? 

I run an efficient and competent range of services, ensuring that companies comply and operate in accordance with statutory and legal requirements. These services include, but are not limited to, the formation and setting up of all types of UK companies, the maintenance of client company statutory records, reconstitution of lost or destroyed statutory books and statutory compliance of company administrative matters.

I support clients by auditing statutory books and registers and updating these as required, as well as facilitating the electronic filing of statutory forms at Companies House and compliance with the Companies Act 2006. I lead the firm’s company secretarial team which operates a dedicated UK company secretarial division providing a tailored service to clients.

What gets me out of bed in the morning

 Sunshine and Yoga

An entrepreneur I admire

David Campbell

What would you put on your Ignition Law playlist or bookshelf? 

The Revolution will not be televised by Gil Scott-Heron (House remix)

A social cause I care about is…

Childhood poverty

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The Impact of Brexit on the Workforce Webinar: Recording

On the 26th January we held a webinar to discuss employment law issues arising from the UK’s departure from the European Union. Ignition Consultants Polly Jeanneret, Jemima Coleman and Nicky Cranfield were joined by immigration specialist Kim Vowden. Below we have a video recording for those of you who couldn’t make it on the day.

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