Alex Hutchinson

Alex Hutchinson

Strategic IT / Projects Director



My name is Alex Hutchinson. I live in Manchester with my Wife (Jen) and 3 Daughters (Holly, 8, Marnie, 5 and Nell, 2). I find listening to audiobooks and going for a walk are the best ways to relax, but outside of my work, around 99% of my time is with my family, especially whilst they’re still young and want to spend time with me… Maybe one day I’ll be able to watch F1 again and go to the gym 🙂

I’ve been working for myself for 12 years now. The last 5 of which have been as a freelance IT Director solely working with Law Firms. I have been involved in all types of IT projects for a large range of firms. This has lead me to Ignition Law, where I am pleased to be able to be part of something. I am looking forward to dedicating a % of my time with a growing, specialist firm and hope to be able to help you all improve your working days, efficiency and the way you serve your clients.

Please contact me anytime if there are any ways you think IT needs to be improved to help you or your clients.

Fine Print

What do you do for your clients at Ignition law?

I help the firm review and improve all aspects of IT and Technology. We are constantly reviewing areas we can improve internally and externally to be effective, secure and better serve clients.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

Being able to add value, work with good honest people and operating without conflict of interest.

I think IT and Technology should aid a business and their people, so they can perform to the best of their ability. I want to be able to add value by improving the way we can perform internally and serve clients, so we can be our best.

Working with the right people is something which is extremely important to me, surrounding myself with honourable people who I can learn from. It’s all about values.

An entrepreneur I admire

There are lots of entrepreneurs in the media these days, but the ones I admire tend to be less well known… I prefer to learn from people who I have seen in action. The ones who value their people and drive a business around serving their clients.

If I had to pick someone I do know, Alistair Maiden of SYKE Legal Tech has to be one of the most impressive people I know. He has grown an amazing legal tech business over the past few years. He is someone I admire and I am lucky enough to be able to spend time with him… whenever I bump into him at an event! Ha

What would you put on your Ignition Law playlist or bookshelf?

Anything Michael Connelly for relaxing. I love the Bosch series. Also, The Tools by Phil Stutz about Psychology and personal development. This is an amazing book which can help anyone. Both via Audible… saves paper, but a rest for the eyes is really what I need after a long day!