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Our community engagement initiatives

We have a creative and passionate team of lawyers who have many interests outside of the office and we like to champion their personal initiatives and charitable support. In these diverse fields, the team are able to use their skills to help a wide range of projects and charities.

Commercial Law Academy

As well as being a practising lawyer, Jake Schogger is the founder and CEO of City Career Series, an educational publishing and e-learning company.

City Career Series publishes commercial awareness-centric books designed to help students secure professional careers. They also recently launched the Commercial Law Academy, a comprehensive e-learning platform for aspiring commercial lawyers.

The Commercial Law Academy includes hundreds of videos, articles, interactive quizzes, flow charts and downloadable e-guides, and teaches students how to boost their CV, write successful applications, tackle psychometric tests, network and use LinkedIn effectively, prepare for assessment centres, develop their commercial awareness, understand mergers and acquisitions, keep abreast of current affairs, develop a growth mindset, and more.

Jake has always enjoyed teaching, which originally led to him hosting workshops at university to help younger students through the application process for various City careers. He wrote his first book with no real intention of publishing it; the aim was simply to bring together all the knowledge he had acquired when applying for jobs, as well as the techniques learned whilst teaching others, then distribute it to students at his university for free.

It was the feedback he received that led to the book being developed into something more substantive, which is how – quite unintendedly – the publishing company was born. Jake subsequently published another 6 books, as he enjoyed the process of learning about new topics and working with experts to make technical information as accessible as possible.

A few years down the line, he then decided to launch an online platform so that the content in his books could be taught in a more interactive way, in part through using video (including animated) content, quizzes, practice test questions and more to help explain technical concepts. This also made the content more accessible to international students, given the cost of posting books abroad (and unreliable delivery lead-times).

Track Academy

Jon East is one of the (very informal) advisory board members and part of a wider group of close supporters of the Sport Gives Back Awards.

The inaugural event was held in March 2020 (days before the first Covid-19 lockdown) and celebrated the invaluable work of charities, organisations and individuals (up and down the country) who change lives through sport. A highlights programme was broadcast on ITV in July 2020 – a recommended watch!

Jon has always been passionate about sport and what it does for mental (as well as physical) health, so the opportunity to work with a like-minded group of people was too good to miss. He was introduced to Connie Henry (the brains behind the concept) by a mutual friend and it was a huge amount of fun to work on something completely different to his day job and to help create and put on the inaugural event.

Soccer Aid

Billy Jenks is a Committee Member of Soccer Aid, an annual football match played by ex-professional footballers and celebrities; Billy helps to organise the annual Gala Dinner. In 2019 the event raised £440,000, which was matched by the UK Government bringing the total to over £800,000.

All charitable proceeds from Soccer Aid go to UNICEF. In 2020, Soccer Aid raised £9.3m.

Billy works closely with a number of stakeholders within football, which is how the opportunity to join the Committee came about. UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working for children in danger across the world, providing critical aid to those that are most vulnerable.

Legally Different

Lauren O’Sullivan is the creator and host of the Legally Different podcast, a hub of conversations with current and former legal professionals who are truly different in some way, having made brave life leaps and pivots to live and work in ways aligned with their passions, purpose and wellbeing.

The passion behind the podcast and Lauren’s vision is to inspire those craving change to make aligned moves, to empower people to embrace their uniqueness, to educate on the wealth of topics covered and, finally, to turn that outdated, stale view of lawyers on its head (Lauren’s favourite).


Nicky Cranfield is a volunteer trustee for a local Early Years charity, PATA.

Ex Fide Fiducia Trust

Freddie New is a co-founder and trustee of the Ex Fide Fiducia Trust, an educational registered charity. The charity aims to support a school in Harare, Zimbabwe, whether by providing financial support or funding projects at the school, or by contributing directly to school fees for pupils etc. We’ve spent the past few years in setting up the charity, its website and getting our registered charity status, and have in the past six months made our first two payments to the school (covering almost the entire cost of the construction of a set of new classrooms). The school in question is my old alma mater, St. George’s College, and the board of trustees of our trust consists of ten alumni, all of whom are volunteers.

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