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Immigration law services for start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurially-spirited
Whether you’re thinking about expanding your business into the UK or looking to work with international talent, our immigration lawyers will provide you with the best immigration solutions for you and your business.
We offer practical advice for companies and individuals about the best immigration solutions for them and their business and make sure that you stay compliant.

Immigration advice for companies & individuals

Our corporate immigration service includes advice on: 

Our individual immigration service includes advice on: 

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Why Ignition Law

We can offer a better experience for start-ups and scale-ups when it comes to immigration law matters because we are:

  • Fast – we work like you do: agile, tech-enabled and efficient
  • Affordable – our model lets us work to a budget that suits your stage of growth
  • Experienced and entrepreneurial  – our lawyers are creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial edge; their blend of enthusiasm and diligence is how we provide your business with innovative solutions.

At every stage of the journey, we provide legal services, perfectly packaged for your needs.

Whatever your company’s immigration or visa challenges, let us take them on so you don’t have to.


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Our team are among the best in the legal marketplace: flexible thinkers, tech-assisted problem solvers and a core of commercial partners whose passion and focus add immense value.

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    Ensuring clear and meaningful terms of trade with customers and suppliers.

    Keeping on top of your company compliance obligations.

    Funding, acquisition, investment or exit. Get the details right.

    Straight-forward approaches to radically reduce risk and maximise data.

    Disputes are a reality. Get proactive solutions and reactive advice.

    Legal foundations to retain, incentivise and manage key talent.

    Loans, equity, restructuring and financing; clear support to help you manage your money.

    Balance innovation with the commercial necessity of proper protection.

    Make property matters run smoothly and create flexible property plans that accommodate your growth.

    Incentivise your staff and navigate tax opportunities.
    Seamless integration with your team to manage your legal matters.

    Decide who inherits and what they inherit.